Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

We all know that yo-yo dieting is not good for your health but unfortunately for the stars, sometimes they are required to lose weight or pile on the pounds if they are to appear in the latest movies.  I’m suspecting you probably don’t need help increasing your weight but read on to discover some interesting celebrity weight loss tips you can use to your own advantage to reach your fitness goals!

Celebrity Weight Loss Tips


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Celebrity Tip Number 1: Kim Kardashian

If you’re on a strict diet, allowing yourself one day off where you can eat what you want helps you to keep on track.  It helps you to realize that you can have treats but only on your terms.  Don’t go on a 24 hour binge though…within moderation please.


Celebrity Tip Number 2: Melissa Joan Hart

Instead of working out on your own, invite your friends round or go jogging together, that way, it’s more like a ‘hangout’ session than a workout session.  You’re also committing to work-out with someone else, so you are more likely not to back-out if you’re just not feeling like it!


Celebrity Tip Number 3: Pippa Middleton

Royal bridesmaid, Pippa is a Pilates Queen and truly believes that this keeps her fit and healthy, although she is also very into her fitness.  Carrying out pilates not only gives you increased flexibility but also tones those hard to tone areas, such as abdominal musles, hips and buttocks, whilst also promoting a healthy back and limbs.


Celebrity Tip Number 4: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie’s secret to staying slim is to stay away from caffeine and refined.  For breakfast she puts together her favorite fruits, adds some Greek yoghurt, almond butter, coconut oil and flax oil.  For working out, she highly recommends Viyasa Yoga which is much more energetic than normal yoga.


Celebrity Tip Number 5: Jason Momoa

In order to appear in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo, Jason had to add 25lbs to look the part!  He achieved this by the AR-7 Program which personal trainer Eric Laciste devised.  This routine is all about low reps, low weight and minimum rest.  The aim is to reach muscle burn, which results in muscular failure.  What to know how…then read on!


7 sets of 7 reps with only 7 second rest between each set.


Next, do the same again but this time, 6 sets, 6 reps with a 6 second rest.  Finally, do the same but with 5 sets, 5 reps and 5 second rest.  Rest 1-2 minutes between each set.


You can do this for each body part in one day and then work up to doing 2-3 workouts/day for ultimate results.



How Celebrities Lose Weight For Movies


“Celebrity Weight Loss Tips”

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